God, creation, worship, and power

An inherent universal nature of living organisms, who have the power, is to show that power in one or many forms. A politician shows power, a teacher may show power through selective student discrimination during private tuition, even carnivores in the jungle may show his power by killing other animals for securing his position in the food chain. In short, the higher the being in the hierarchy of power, the more inherent is the nature to show that power.

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Once you start seeing God as an all-powerful entity then the characteristics displayed by God appear to be more humane rather than Godly. If there were no diseases, no disasters; if all people died only at a particular age, then people would hardly pray to God. All things finite or infinite which exist in this universe tend to show the power, and there is no point worshipping someone who himself creates the atmosphere so that others can worship him.

So the next time you face any problems, instead of praying to God for a solution, just keep the possibility open that it might be God himself who created that problem so that you may worship him. All because of power!

If there were no slaves, who would worship the lords; if there were no robots, who would worship science; if there were no humans, who would worship God. The point of creation itself seems contradictory! We create to show power, God creates to show power. There is nothing called selfless creation.

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